As Senator Cory Gardner Dodges Questions and Coloradans, “Cardboard Cory” Launches Multi-Stop Statewide Tour

Advocates will give Coloradans across the state the chance to share their stories about Sen. Gardner’s out-of-touch leadership and to highlight his disastrous voting record on health care, immigration, taxes, and more

Denver, CO – Today, progressive groups including Protect Our Care, Conservation Colorado, Indivisible, ProgressNow Colorado, and Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado announced a bus tour across Colorado so Cardboard Cory can listen to constituents left behind by Senator Cory Gardner. It’s been more than 620 days since Sen. Gardner has held a truly public meeting, and voters are eager to talk to him about his out-of-touch leadership. Unfortunately, Cardboard Cory is the only Cory Gardner who will listen to Coloradans.

Senator Gardner has not had a public, free event open to his constituents since November 20, 2017. Despite promoting his #MainStreetWalkingTour on social media, you won’t find Senator Gardner’s recess schedule anywhere as his office does not publicize in advance any opportunities for constituents to talk with him directly.

“Senator Gardner has zero real public events scheduled over the August recess,” said Laura Packard, a stage 4 cancer survivor and health care activist. “In fact, he has not held a truly public event in more than 20 months and when he does meet with constituents, it is always a select group of supportive business owners, community members, or local officials. Gardner even refuses to answer questions from the statewide press, just take a look at what happened last week to one of the local networks. That’s why Cardboard Cory is doing the job that Senator Gardner refuses to do: travelling the state and actually listening to Coloradans about the type of leaders they want to see in DC.”

The #SinceUBeenGone bus tour will cross the state with Cardboard Cory, giving community members across Colorado the opportunity to voice their concerns about Gardner’s stance on health care, the environment, immigration, taxes, voting rights, and affordable housing to the only Cory who will listen. While Colorado has been leading the country on these and other issues, Senator Gardner has been living in the pocket of big money donors and ignoring what Coloradans are asking him to accomplish in Washington.

Over the past four years, Senator Gardner has continuously supported the policies and actions of the Trump administration, voting alongside Trump 90 percent of the time instead of aligning with the needs and priorities of his constituents. This year alone, Colorado state legislators have worked hard to enact the will of the people: better and more affordable health care, protection for public lands, protections for immigrants, and many others. Meanwhile, Senator Gardner refuses to bring the voice of Coloradans to the United States Senate.

The #SinceUBeenGone bus tour will stop in 11 locations across Colorado including Greeley, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Montrose, Durango, and Colorado Springs. Each stop will feature local speakers who will discuss issues relevant to that area’s economy and communities. You can find out more tour details at

Full list of stops and dates:

 Full list of groups supporting the bus tour:

  • Protect Our Care
  • Conservation Colorado
  • Indivisible
  • Progress Now
  • Planned Parenthood Votes
  • America Votes Colorado
  • Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition
  • Rocky Mountain Values